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29½ Hour Playwriting Festival (2010)


Performance Date
Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sacramento City College Student Center
8:00 pm



A City Theatre Tradition! Take a group of playwrights, give them an image or phrase, assign them three actors and a director, and send them off to write a play in ten hours. Bring them all back together the next day to rehearse the play in preparation for a performance that night. What do you get? An amazing and often wild evening of theatre.


29 1/2 Hour Playwriting Festival (2009) - Photo Taken By Steve Grondin

Topic: "no polkas allowed. no jokes about potatoes"


Spud Study

by Mikey Pollock

Director: Tom Rhatigan

With: Alicia Morris, Max McKee, Kathryn Bacchus, Ashton Suggs


The Most You Know

by John Paul Nevans

Director: Julian Sandoval

With: Vernon Lewis, Kiyumi Nishida, Jake Brooks, Dyna Siebald


Stalling as a Way to Say I Love You

by George Michel

Director: Brian Frishman

With: John Crabtree, Jacob Vuksinich, Stephanie Davis, Andrea Masuret


Hello, Lover

by Theresa Vann-Stribling

Director: Laura Kaya

With: Maszaba Carter, Mikayla Lambeth, Holly VanSteyn, Maria Ryken


An Extended Love Affair, Abridged

by Morgan Boyd

Director: Martha Kight

With: Cynthia Hawes, Neil Davidson, Kennedy Kaya, Janelle Panell


-- Intermission --


The Glass Slipper Polka

by Scott Charles

Director: Kevin Menager

With: Alyse Vogel, Ellie Davidson, Jose Ruiz, Marissa Dean


The Center Cannot Hold

by Jes Gonzales

Director: April Brown

With: Laura White, Kelsey Saepharn, Jane Mueller, Logan Vicars


Dick's Polka Club

by Joy Gee

Director: Jenna Cedusky

With: Brandon Marques, Robert Born, Katy Wackovski, Amsale Darden


The Essence of Figure Skating

by Matt Hanf

Director: Adrienne Sher

With: Rebeka Rose, Steve Ibarra, Liam Powers


Til Death Do Us Polka

by Zack Sapunor

Director: Keith Riedell

With: Kim McCann, Catherine Nickerson, Carley Neill, Andrea Kersten, Al Padilla



Festival Coordinators:

Luther Hanson, Christine Nicholson

Production Managers: LoriAnn DeLappe-Grondin, Dana Strickland
Sound Design: Scott Bailey
Sound Board: Caleb Wilson
Light Board: Samantha Haas
Technical Everything: Shawn Weinsheink, Scott Bailey
Food: Fran Mueller
Photography and Lobby Display: LoriAnn DeLappe-Grondin
Special Thanks to: Chris Iwata and to all our other Volunteers



Photos from the 2009 Festival

All photos by Steven Grondin


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