Cast List

Mr. Burns

Thank you to all who auditioned! And thank you for your patience. It has been a challenging and rewarding casting process. I wish that I could have used absolutely everyone; you all auditioned beautifully.
All actors will be involved in all three acts. Specific casting within the ensemble to be determined.
We will have one meeting before the semester begins. That will be on Tuesday, January 14, at 7:00 pm, to hand out scripts, and begin to work on character development. We will meet in the Art Court Theatre. Rehearsals begin in earnest the following Tuesday, January 21. We will rehearse Tuesday – Saturday. Tech is Saturday, February 22. Opening night is February 28. The show runs Th-Sun through March 15. There is an additional Sat. matinee on Mar. 14.
It’s a very quick rehearsal period. Looking forward to working with you all!

  • Yesenia Diaz: Jenny, Maude Flanders (Act 3)
  • Sarah Palmero: Maria, Musician (Act 3)
  • Kathleen Poe: Colleen, Edna (Act 3)
  • Breanna Reilly: Quincy, Louann Van Houten (Act 3)
  • Earl Victorine: Gibson, Burns (Act 3)
  • John Salisbury: Sam, Musician (Act 3)
  • David Johnson: Matt, Musician (Act 3)
  • Claire Murphy: Ensemble/Musician, Tech Asst. (Act 2), Bart (Act 3)
  • Sonny Alforque: Ensemble/Musician, Agent 1/Musician (Act 2), Musician (Act 3)
  • Kristofer Thao: Ensemble, Agent 2 (Act 2), Itchy (Act 3)
  • Skye Owens: Ensemble, Scratchy (Act 3)
  • Ted Mulhauser: Ensemble, Homer (Act 3)
  • Charlotte Jaxon: Ensemble, Lisa (Act 3)
  • Maya Jones: Ensemble, Marge (Act 3)
  • Johnna Wood: Ensemble, Willie (Act 3)
  • Maren Bowie: Ensemble/Musician, Nelson (Act 3)
  • Peter Fuller: Ensemble, Tech Asst. (Act 2), Troy (Act 3)
  • Rosalind Smith: Ensemble, Ned Flanders (Act 3)
  • Noah Galvan: Ensemble, Apu (Act 3)
  • Kyle Fong: Ensemble, Chief Wiggum (Act 3)
  • Jamal Mack: Ensemble, Principle Skinner (Act 3)
  • Esmee Teresi: Ensemble, Milhouse (Act 3)

Our Policy

We are committed to building a creative and dynamic workplace that celebrates individual differences and diversity and treats everyone with fairness and respect. City Theatre does not discriminate in practices or employment opportunities on the basis of an individual’s race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, veteran status, disability, or any other category protected by federal, state, or local regulations.

We are unable to provide housing assistance, commuting expense reimbursement, or stipends to actors as we are a local program. In addition, upon being cast in any production at City Theatre, you will be required to register for 3 units in a Theatre Arts Performance class at the first rehearsal. Do not register prior to auditions - enrollment does not guarantee casting.